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Everyone from time to time requires assistance. Usually that means hiring a person on a part time basis to finish a project or task. More staff means providing office space, desk, computer, possibly paying benefits and payroll burden. Anderson Road Management Services can eliminate those requirements to hire a person, pay the cost plus by providing a virtual assistant. Anderson Road Management Services will research topics, analyze data, write reports and bylaws and help keep up to date.


Anderson Road Management Services has been in the business of assisting municipalities for more than ten years. We have provided municipalities with studies on service rationalization, patrol yard optimization, level of service policy and more. Anderson Road Management Services is a small company which can offer low cost solutions by the project, hour, day or week. We have built our reputation by providing on-time delivery of our services that meets your deadlines.


Support Services Available


  • Report writing
  • By-law review and preparation
  • Data analysis and presentation of results via charts and graphs
  • Updating and keeping asset inventory data current using the OGRA Municipal DataWorks web enabled data repository
  • Event planning (training sessions, workshops, conferences) which includes:
  1. Arranging venue
  2. Developing program
  3. Design event brochures, flyers and program
  4. Managing registration
  5. On-site event management





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