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Anderson Road Management Services has trained over 1000 municipal staff on the basics of municipal management, asset management and a variety of other topics. Anderson Road Management Services has developed the Basic Road Management Course for the Ontario Good Roads Association’s C.S. Anderson Road School. We have trained ± 400 municipal staff on the use of the Municipal DataWorks, a data repository that includes tools to help a municipality achieve its asset management goals.


Here is a list of the range of topics that have been presented:

Full or ½ day Workshops


  • Understanding the organisation’s purpose and goals
  • The Concept of Infrastructure Asset Management
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Analysing the outcomes of organizational review
  • Understanding the role of council and management
  • Developing an action team and a workable action plan
  • Developing effective management systems
  • Priority planning and budgeting
  • Maximizing policy in your organization
  • Developing policy and procedures
  • Conducting practical cost benefit analysis
  • Conducting performance measurement
  • Determining overall performance
  • Implementing equipment cost control measures


Other workshops and training opportunities are available.





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