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Performance Measurement

Anderson Road Management Services has worked to develop and update a measurement methodology and definitions that have been used province wide to measure municipal roads operations and costs. We have assisted a group of upper tier and single tier municipalities to benchmark operations, look behind the numbers to catalogue processes and find best practices. From data collected from municipality’s province wide a report is published each year for the Ontario Good Roads Associations that monitors over 50 performance measures and trend lines for 5 peer groups of municipalities.


Let us help your municipality assist the development of the objectives for service deliver that meet council and customer expectations and determine the measures needed to confirm achievement. Anderson Road Management Services will prepare your municipality’s annual report card of the results achieved in the period under review. We will find and report the operational strengths and weaknesses, benchmark performance and assist in finding the best practices needed to improve performance.


Support Services Available


  • Determining the organization’s goals and objectives
  • Measuring the results of service delivery
  • Benchmarking results and using the information to pursue best practices
  • Rationalizing/optimizing service delivery
  • Determining what is needed to support an asset/infrastructure management system in your municipality
  • Setting up a maintenance management system that would improve record keeping, track road patrols and the response made to a defect found during the patrol and to defects identified from sources both inside and outside the department.

Other Products Available


  • Priority Planning and Budgeting
  • Establishing a Level of Service Policy
  • Lifecycle Activities for road and bridges
  • Pavement Condition Index
  • Customer Satisfaction with Municipal Operations
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Trained Observer Ratings






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