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Asset Management


The new paradigm is to move away from being an infrastructure manager to a network manager. An infrastructure manager would focus on items such as the quality of asphalt. A network manager would concentrate his/her efforts on traffic flow or the safety of the road network. This requires; that he/she must communicate more directly with customers and others regarding levels of service in terms of: reliable travel times, safe infrastructure, comfortable infrastructure, etc. Therefore, municipalities must have improved knowledge about their assets.


Anderson Road Management Services will help municipalities develop an Asset Management tool that links user expectations for asset condition, performance and availability with system management and investment strategies. An Asset Management tool that will provide information to manage municipal assets efficiently and effectively; develop short and long range plans for asset preservation, rehabilitation and renewal and; allocate scarce financial resources over the priorities of competing assets.


Anderson Road Management Services has facilitated a consortium of upper tier municipalities in their search for an asset management software tool. We have assisted the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) with the development of their Municipal DataWorks project. For OGRA we have written three (3) asset management documents, trained ±400 municipal staff on the concepts of asset management and how Municipal DataWorks (an OGRA member service) will assist municipalities in achieving PSAB compliance and their asset management goals.


Support Services Available


  • Assistance with the Implementation of an asset management program, which includes:
  1. Development of an asset management implementation workplan. A workplan that considers local limitations.
  2. Assistance in developing an organization’s goals and objectives that links user expectations for asset condition, performance, and availability with system management and investment strategies
  3. Collecting and organizing data for input to the Municipal DataWorks data repository
  4. Updating and keeping the asset inventory current
  5. Training staff
  • Development of performance measures to monitor achievement of asset management goals and objectives
  • Development of a report card for council and public reporting
  • Setting up the asset categories that will group like assets for efficient management and capital planning
  • Develop strategies for asset preservation, rehabilitation and renewal that are consistent with local requirements
  • Calculate the historic and/or replacement costs that will be need for PSAB 3150 compliance







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